Email Marketing - Tried and True

Isn't Email Dead in the Age of Social Media?

Not at all! Email subscribers are the most committed you have – look at what they have to do to sign up! Dual opt-in. Squiggly puzzles to prove they are human.

Many people follow hundreds of 'friends' on Facebook and Twitter. But all those unbranded, untracked, undifferentiated, easy to miss messages simply fly by. And even if they are seen and read by your potential client, are they remembered tomorrow, next week, or next month?

So, compare — your email is in the inbox of your subscriber, by invitation. If they no longer wish to receive, they know how to unsubscribe. Each message is fully branded for your business and content rich. Tracked. Customized. Personalized. A Tweet? Not so much.

Your subscribers have committed to you. Why not return the favor?

Email campaigning is still the most effective form of marketing and promoting online. Why? Because it is extremely focused. If you send a very clear, actionable item to your list of customers, you'll have the highest probability of closing more deals. Studies show if a person has purchased from you once, they are more likely to buy again. Don't waste that advantage!

Remember your list is not numbers. Your list is PEOPLE - real live people you've met or spoken with or who have been referred to you. Depending on your business, your list may include friends and relatives who can share your latest information or offers with their friends. Don't ever underestimate your list and don't take them for granted.

Video Email

Adding video(s) to your email campaigns will increase your open rates, convert better, and be more educational or entertaining for your audience. Videos can be of the screen-capture, tutorial nature or they can be you speaking to the PEOPLE on your email list. A simple video camera (about $30) connected to your computer is all you need to get yourself in front of your contacts. Don't worry — no one expects perfection from you. Don't stress over creating the video. Simply tell your viewers what's important in your business and what special content you are sharing with them.

So many email campaigns are sent as simple text. There is no branding, no color scheme, nothing to catch your attention. A branded template that matches your website and offline marketing materials will resonate with the people on your list and set you apart. Throw in a video and you have just become part of the elite group using video in your email marketing campaigns.

Webinar or Webcast

You may even consider offering a webinar or webcast now and then. Again, depending on the type and size of your business, a webinar or webcast can be extremely effective tools that can produce significant results. They are a great way to share your knowledge with your customers or potential customers and get yourself in front of them more often.

The Power is in Your Mailing List - Don't Neglect It!

The key to online marketing is to build a 'list' of contacts that includes your customers and prospects. Lead capture forms are the easiest and most efficient way to build this list. If you haven't started collecting your customers' email addresses you need to start immediately!

Building a Quality ListSample opt-in Form

Visitors to your website are good. But the real money is in your mailing list. Build a large list of qualified buyers, and you'll see a much higher return on your investment than you will from any other marketing effort. The question is, how do you build a qualified list?

#1 – Give Something Away – Gone are the days of getting people to give you their email address with the promise of a monthly or weekly newsletter. You need to offer your readers something of value. Downloadable products like eBooks and special reports are popular, as are software or video tutorials. You know your subject best. Make people want to learn from you. See my opt-in form image to the right. When space is limited as in a sidebar, a little image draws in the User's attention.

#2 – Use Highly Targeted Marketing – If your email campaigns focus on gardening, concentrate your efforts where gardeners hang out – online forums and niche blogs are good choices for getting your information in front of qualified, interested individuals. When the time is right, offer your Give-Away and send them to your website.

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