Austin Joseph Morris

August 3, 2016

8:20 AM — 6 pounds — 19 inches

I'm Almost 10 Months Now & I'm Almost Walking

I can take a few steps with my walker toy but I get distracted very easily and don't pay attention to what I'm doing
so I fall down if Mommy doesn't watch me.
Mommy bought me a walker so I can get around the house without falling down.
It's really fun to go where Mommy and Daddy go!

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I'm getting really big and I can stand and walk around furniture.
Grandma taught me how to clap my hands 2 months ago so now I love to clap whenever I'm happy or if I do something good!


I can crawl really well now. I like to chase the Roomba but I wish I could catch it better.

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Grampa thinks I look good in his glasses.


I love to help Mommy get my clothes out of the dresser drawer. I'm such a good helper!

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Grandma likes the old jammies Uncle Brad used to wear.


I love to jump hard and fast in my jumper. I get very good exercise!

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I'm Almost 9 Months Now

I'm almost crawling! Can't wait to rip up the house!!


Grampa wishes he could do this with his tractors!

I had a lot of fun at Grandma & Grampa's house. I'm so glad Mommy took me even though I don't like the long car ride.


Grandma gave me a bath in the kitchen sink. That's really fun!


I got to hang out with Great Aunt Jane. She likes me a lot!


It's the Middle of April, I'm 8 Months Old and
I'm Having A Lot of Fun Learning to Crawl

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I'm 6 Months Old

I'm so stinkin CUTE!



It was a very nice February day so we went to the park. I know, I know - I don't look too excited but it was a good day.



Now that I can almost sit up all by myself, I love to play with my music ball.


Grandma & Grampa occupied me in the car while Mom & Dad talked to the lady about buying our new house.
It was sort of boring but I'm glad we found a house we all like.


Mommy & Daddy took me biking for the first time. I had a blast as you can see!


Look who can eat his piggies!

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Back to Wisconsin for Christmas!

Time to go home after Christmas.
Grandma snuggled me to sleep on our last night in Wisconsin.
I heard her say I look like a little angel.

The day after Christmas we went to get our pictures taken by a lady named Katie U.
Grandma went along so I would pay attention and smile at the right time. I think I did good.


Grandma got me my first sled for Christmas. I am practicing flying down a big hill!


I love sitting by Grandma's pretty Christmas tree and I only tried to pull an ornament off one time.
This is the last time I could wear Grandma's old yellow jammie. I am getting too big now.
Do you see how much I look like my Daddy?!

Hanging out with Great Aunt Peg and Great Uncle Jim


See Grandma, I'm getting my first tooth!

I'm getting SO BIG! I'm very proud of ME!

I met my 2nd cousin Atli. I think she likes me.


And we got really cool presents. I let Atli hug my doggy that plays music. She loved him!


Atli has a Grandma and Grampa too.


I even got to dress up like Santa.

I LOVE Grandma's pretty Christmas tree!



I LOVE sleeping with Grampa. I usually wake up before he does!


We met my 2nd cousin Winston and his Mommy and Daddy at Great Grandma Betty's funeral Dec. 5.
Winston is one week old. He sure is little and he sleeps a lot!

Happy Thanksgiving - I'm almost 4 months old!

Mommy reads me big books about weather and other things I don't understand yet.
I pretend I get it and I laugh and smile so she doesn't feel bad!

I'm learning how to be silly and smile a lot now. I know how to scream and cry too but they don't take pictures of me when I do that.
I don't know why!


Grandma's favorite old jammie fits me much better now.
Compare 3 months and 1 week.


Grandma says I look like a really big boy when I sit in big chairs.


I moved to Wisconsin October 20
I'm now 2 1/2 months old

I already got to ride in the combine & tractors with Grampa


Wisconsin is a great place because it has tractors & combines
and I get to meet a lot of people who think I'm very nice.
I met Aunt Leah and Great Grandma Mary.

I met Uncle Brad and Aunt Kim


and Uncle Tony

And then I got to meet Great Grandma Betty.
She said I'm a very nice baby! She loves all babies!


Aunt Aimee helped us move to Wisconsin. Then she bought me this bear outfit.
Daddy is ready to take me hiking. I can't wait!


I'm 2 - 3 Months Old

I have very long toes!


I'm 3 Weeks Old

I like to sleep in Mommy and Daddy's big bed.


It's very hot in Morgantown, West Virginia so Mommy lets me swing outside.



My furry brother Flutie likes me when I'm sleeping and not making noise.


They tell me I need to learn to sleep like the Wagners but I haven't figured out what that means yet.
I think my Daddy knows how to do it.

Week Two

My Daddy is Getting Really Good at Rubbing My Back!


So now they tell me these people are called Grandma and Grampa too. I think my parents don't know what they are talking about!
But that's ok because all these Grandma and Grampa people are really nice.


Week One

Grampa put me to sleep on the last day. Then they had to go home and now I miss them!


Multi-tasking Grampa


I can tell Grampa likes to feed me.


Grandma's favorite old jammie - when will it fit me?

I love my Mommy!


And my Daddy!


Grandma thinks baths are fun. I don't agree! But I like snuggling in my towel after.


Do you think my feet will be size 13 someday?


I have very long fingers!


Strapped in for my 1 week check-up


I'm 6 days old


I'm 5 days old


I'm 4 days old


I'm 3 days old


I met Grandma and Grampa on Day 2. Grandma fed me when we got home from the hospital. I sure don't eat very much.


Click the pictures below to see 2 videos of me.


Waking up is hard to do!


This is what Grandma and Grampa do
when Mommy and Daddy are napping!