Website Design & Development Since 2000

We have been designing websites and helping municipalities, small business owners and organizations find their web presence for over 20 years. Our online portfolio will give you a sense of the variety of clients we have served.

We want to make it very simple for municipalities and small businesses to have a web presence that is worthwhile and profitable.


At Webs by Wagner we create custom designed and coded websites. We don’t use templates unless they are our own creation. We won’t use cookie-cutter programs to create your website.

We don't just copy/paste text you send to us. We don't just upload photos and images you provide. We proof and edit and make suggestions on how we could improve for search engines and to highlight what makes your business better than your competition.


Good design includes user-friendliness and ease of navigation. We call it the 'Don't Make Me Think' Methodology. Our goal is to provide your users with easy-to-find information with the least possible clicks. If users have to search and run into 'dead-ends', they will leave your site.

A website must be streamlined and concise, with a professional, business-like look. We will make your website the best sales tool it can be.


Some websites made with template programs such as Wordpress are loaded with hacking-vulnerable code and can cause many technical issues over time. They need to be updated frequently to keep out the hackers. If updates are not made, suddenly one day your website will be infected with malicious files and your email address may be compromised.

Clean-coding is not only safer; it is also search engine friendly. Less code = less for the search engine spiders to crawl through.


Search Engine Optimization is part of the deal. Don't be fooled by the so-called 'SEO gurus' and their high prices. Yes, SEO is very important but it's all about good, keyword rich page text and simple code. Our websites are clean-coded and concise which makes them search engine friendly. SEO is included with all our website project proposals.

Your Competition

Why are you better than your competiton? You must get that message across on your website. We might be able to do that with photos as well as words. Some sites we create are photo-heavy because the images say it best. If photos are used, we will crop, enhance, and resize as needed so they add professionalism to your site and we can let the pictures do the talking.

We Do More

A lot of people create websites. We do more. We try to make our designs soft, colorful and not boxie. We want your site to be as unique as your business so you can present your brand to the world. We take the extra steps to make a website you will be proud of and that represents the uniqueness of you and your business.

Included in All Our Website Projects

1) Professional, Custom Design & Development
2) Professional Copywriting
3) Multi-level Navigation System (if needed)
4) Clean, Search Engine Friendly Code & URLs
5) Use of Alt (alternative) Tags to meet Accessibility Standards for the blind and sight impaired
6) Custom Graphics Design
7) Graphics & Photo Resizing, Enhancement and Optimization
8) Email Addresses with your Company Domain (if needed - extra charges apply)
9) Design Consultation with You throughout the setup process
10) Multiple Browser & Screen Resolution Compatibility
11) Multiple Device & Screen Size Compatibility with Responsive Design

We Keep it Simple & Timely for You!

We start with a Client Needs Analysis to determine your website needs and wants. We then need to talk about your business so we can get a feel for you and what your business is about and so we can understand what messages you would like your website to convey to your customers or clients.

We then present you with a proposal of work and fees which will include a one-time setup fee for domain registration or transfer, site hosting, and everything needed to get the site up and running and live on the Web. Some web developers make the client do all those things. We understand you have much better things to do with your time than figure out which hosting package best suits your business; you have a business to run.

It can't get much easier than that! If materials (your logo, images, photos, text) are provided in a timely manner, we will even guarantee a completed website within 3 weeks of our initial consultation.

So let's get started today . .

If you are ready to get moving on that website redesign or new website to give your business the added boost it needs, contact us and let's get started!