Your Customers Have Gone Mobile — Is Your Business Website Keeping Up?

Plymouth Chamber of Commerce mobile siteAccording to 2013 Pew Research, 56% of American adults have a smart phone and 63% of those adult cell owners use their phones to browse the web. Furthermore, more than a third of those people do most of their web browsing on their phones rather than a computer or tablet.

I could go on and on with statistics about mobile phone and mobile web usage, but I think you get the idea. Even if you don't have a smart phone and you're not part of the stats cited above, surely you know someone who is. The numbers are impressive, but they may be surprising if you haven't been paying much attention to the mobile craze.

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If you're a business owner, you should keep up with your customers' and potential customers' browsing, searching, and buying preferences and habits. Are they looking for your products or services while at home or on the go?  Are they among a younger demographic who may have no internet connection other than the one through their smart phone?

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Your prospective customers are almost certainly searching for your business online. Are you making it easy for them if they find you on their smart phone? If they land on your full desktop website where they must scroll up and down, pinch to zoom in and out, and navigate through too much information, they may leave your site and go to a website from your competitor who has made their site easy to use on a mobile phone.

Why are mobile sites important for users?Westward Consulting mobile site

A mobile website is not the same as your desktop website squeezed into the size of your smart phone screen. A user-friendly mobile site must be designed specifically for the small screen.

  •  »» Mobile sites are concise and to the point. Most mobile users won't read all the information from your desktop site while searching from their phones. Give them your most important information and make your links large and easy to tap.
  •  »» A website designed for a mobile device will provide the user with "fat-finger friendly" links for easy navigation. When your future customer chooses to give your business a call, he or she will appreciate the tap-to-call button on your mobile site, which eliminates the need to manually dial your phone number.
  •  »» A mobile-optimized site will load faster than your full desktop website; thus, it will use less of your customer's monthly bandwidth limits. Mobile users who land on large, desktop websites tend to leave quickly if bandwidth usage is a concern.

Mobile-optimized websites should:

»» Highlight the most important actions users should take
»» Focus on the most important information about your business
»» Cut content and image sizes
»» Enlarge buttons & links to accommodate "fat fingers"
»» Download quickly and use less bandwidth
»» Provide a link to your full website and allow back and forth navigation between sites

Millhome Supper Club mobile siteWho Needs a Mobile Website?

Every business can benefit from optimizing their website for mobile. However, three types of businesses should be the first to jump in.

  1.  1. Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops – Any establishment serving food and drink. Customers often search for a place to eat while on the go. Make it easier for them to see your menu, specials, and location.
  2.  2. Hotels/Motels – While traveling, it is common for customers to search for a place to stay at the last minute. Often that search will be done on their mobile phone.
  3.  3. Retail Stores including small, local shops. A mobile site is a great way to offer special promotions for your customers on the go.

Coupons displayed on your mobile site can be brought directly into your restaurant, hotel or store on your customer's phone. It's also a great way for the business owner to learn how many of their customers are connecting with them through their phone.

It's time to improve your mobile site's usability and load time. Mobile users are quickly becoming accustomed to mobile-optimized websites and they know immediately when they land on a non-mobile site, making it even more important for business owners to provide them with the best experience possible.

Things are only going to get worse – or better, depending on your perspective. Mobile sites will become the norm as business owners get on board with this new technology. No longer will users accept the full desktop website on their smart phone.

While mobile is still new, why not get a jump on your competition and be one of the first in your market to put out the welcome mat on your customer's smart phone? You might be surprised how many stop by to say hello!

Email me today to learn more about
mobile marketing and to be the
1st in your market to offer a
state-of-the-art mobile website.

Web Design —

I have 14 years experience designing websites and helping small business owners, organizations, and municipalities find their web presence. My online portfolio will give you a sense of the variety of clients I have served.

I create clean, concise, quality websites for my clients. That means you will have a website that looks professional and is easy for your customers and prospects to navigate. Ease-of-use is a top priority for me. And of course, your website will have your company branding, giving your prospects a feel for how you do business while providing 24-7 access to your products and/or services.

I can also help you with your Google Plus Page, Email Marketing, Social Media Training & integration with your website, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Keeping it Simple for You!

I want to make it very simple for small businesses to have a web presence that is worthwhile and profitable. I want to do business with you and I want to help as many small business owners as I possibly can.

I've talked to many business owners over the years who think they can't afford the expense of a web designer so they either go without a website or they use some online do-it-yourself site or hire one of their employees to set something up. You know what they get, don't you? Let's just say, it's usually not very professional looking and they are afraid to promote it and use it. I have the expertise, knowledge, and experience and I like to use it to help my fellow small business owners. Sorry to say, the old adage runs true so often - 'You get what you pay for'!

A lot of people create websites. I do more. I will make your site the best sales tool it can be. I take the extra steps to make a website you can be proud of. I don't just copy/paste text you send to me. I don't just upload photos and images you provide. I proof and edit and make suggestions on how we could improve for search engines and to bring out your U.S.A. (Unique Selling Advantage).

Why are you better than your competition? You must get that message across on your website. We might be able to do that with photos as well as words. Some sites I create are photo-heavy because the images say it best. If photos are used, I will crop, enhance, and resize as needed so they add professionalism to your site and we can let the pictures do the talking.

Search Engine Optimization is part of the deal with me. Don't be fooled by the so-called 'SEO gurus' and their high prices. Yes, SEO is very important but it's all about good, keyword rich page text and simple code. My sites are search engine friendly and I don't charge extra for SEO because that's just the way I make websites.

Included in Design & Development

»» Professional Design & Development
»» Professional Copywriting
»» Contact Form
»» Various Homepage / Interior Page Layouts (if needed)
»» Multi-level Navigation System (if needed)
»» Multiple Browser & Screen Resolution Compatibility
»» Clean, Search Engine Friendly Code & URLs
»» Use of Alt (alternative) Tags to meet Accessibility Standards (see more)
»» Custom Graphics Design
»» Graphics & Photo Resizing, Enhancement and Optimization
»» Email Addresses with your Company Domain (if needed)
»» Design Consultation with You throughout the setup process

Our Website Fees — Plain and Simple!

I start with a Client Needs Analysis to help both you and I determine your website needs and wants. We then need to talk about your business so I can get a feel for you and what your business is all about and so I can understand what messages you would like your website to convey to your customers or clients.

I will then present you with a proposal of work and fees which will include a one-time setup fee for domain registration or transfer, site hosting, and everything needed to get the site up and running and live on the Web. Some web developers make the client do all those things. I understand you have much better things to do with your time than figure out which hosting package best suits your business; you have a business to run.

It can't get much easier than that! If materials (your logo, images, photos, text) are provided to me in a timely manner, I will even guarantee a completed website within 3 weeks of our initial consultation.

So let's get started today . .

If you are ready to get moving on that new web presence to give your business the added boost it needs in these difficult times, contact me and let's get started!

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